Wednesday, July 8, 2009



I want to try an experiment and I'm willing to spend $50 on it. I am running a "contest", if you can call it that. I am trying to see how quickly I can get 30,000 unique visitors to this 'basically empty site' by offering a small amount of money to one lucky 'winner'.
Here how it works.
All you have to do is enter your email address and click submit. It can be address that goes to your garbage mail or wherever. I am really not interested in the address. I will be counting unique IP addresses to this site, or however google analytics categorizes unique visitors. Once the 30,000 mark is hit, I will randomly choose one of the people and email them that they won. They'll let me know how they want me to pay them. Paypal, check in the mail, or whatever other method they so choose.
Here's the catch. How can I prove that I'll actually send the money to the 'winner'. I can't. I give my word, but that's it. If you don't want to enter an email address, no problem, You can click away from this 'site' the same way you came. This is an experiment and if it fails, so be it. I also give my word that I will not use your email address for any other purpose other than to let you know you've won.
Also, you should know that I don't expect to ever reach the 30,000 mark. I we reach it, I'll pay out, but I doubt it'll ever come to that. That's why it's an experiment. Experiments usually fail.
If you decide to trust me, or you have an address where all the garbage email goes to anyway, enter it here. Please tell others about this page, so that we can reach the 30,000 mark quickly. If you have any ideas how I can let people know about this page, you can enter it in the comment box.


Scott said...

email address.. spindizy at

Anonymous said...
ps i love your site u are amazing

Tre' said...

Perfect site for beginners such as myself. Shame the blog ended :( I learned more from reading a half hour of your blog than the accumulated days I've spent reading about this stuff out of order on "non-noob" sites. Thanks for the info man!