Sunday, January 6, 2008

A few points after looking at BackTrack

It's really great, BackTrack is. The only thing is that I really don't know anything about linux and I'm used to Windows GUI for all my programs, not command lines. Bill Gates, I hate you for spoiling me so. Anyway, I will still play around a lot, but here's a few points I want to make.

Saving all the files you download and update with BackTrack is not an easy feat. You gotta make some partitions and other stuff I don't really know much about. I found some great tutorials available online. When I get it done myself, I'll post the links to the tutorials and I'll also rewrite it in my own words. That way I can mention all the silly mistakes I made so that you won't make the same ones.

Also, being that I think I'll have a hard time with linux, I will try to see what tools can also be used in Windows and will probably use them with Windows rather than linux. Will be in touch.

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