Sunday, January 6, 2008

Starting with the OS download

I figured I'll start with which OS to use. I did a search on google and I realized real quickly that Linux is the way to go. I am not gonna get rid of Windows on my computer, because I know nothing about Linux. Another quick search on google for best linux distro popped up which says to use Backtrack.

It looks like a new version of this linux just came out. I downloaded it (the 700MB version so that I can get it on a disk) at

I burned it to a disk using the CD burning software that came with my computer (Sonic DigitalMedia Plus). Just right click on the downloaded ISO file and click open with... and choose whatever your burning program is.

Now I loaded te OS. I had to press escape at boot time to be able to boot from the disk. Actually, being that I hibernated Windows, there wasn't even an option to press ESC or whatever the option is on your computer. It just went straight to loading out of hibernation. I pressed and held the off button to stop it from loading and it turned off. Now, when I turned it back on, it gave the option to press ESC to choose the Boot drive. I chose the ATAPI CD-ROM or something like that. It began to load.

A menu came up with boot choices. I just pressed ENTER to choose the first option - BT3 Graphics Mode (KDE). It loaded for about two minutes, quite slow mind you. Then........

WOOW!!! Cool!!! Real Cool!!! I have another OS running on my computer.

Anyway, gonna play around a little with it to see what's there. Be in touch!!!


Ring said...

What if after I extract the files I just copy and paste the "bt3-final" folder to the cd/dvd drive and then write it to a blank cd? Is this possible?

Elijah Crago said...
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