Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Intro Post

Okay. I am about to learn how to hack. Am I a criminal. Nope, not in any form or shape. So why do I want to learn how to hack, you ask. Well, I learned biology in school and I've never discovered any medicines, have I? I learned chemistry and I haven't built one atom bomb. Hacking is a science like any other and I would like to learn it.

On this blog I will post my journey as I embark on a trail of learning and fun. I've picked at it over the years and haven't gotten very far, so I'll try to follow through until I can get into one of my computers from another one. The first few posts will basically be things I've already passed. Hopefully everybody can learn from my mistakes. This will serve as a tutorial all in one. It's for those who ask "How do I hack" or "What is hacking" or "How do I become a hacker" or anyone looking for a newbie hacking tutorial. To you I say , Enjoy!!!!

I don't yet know where I'm heading with this blog. We'll start off hacking a network WEP key. After that I think I'll wait for soem feedback and requests as to what I should cover next.. I will try to share as much information as I can as we do a complete walkthrough of whatever the current topic is.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment. If I can answer, I will. If not, maybe someone else wholearned from their mistakes will know the answer.

Until next time, minding your business is my business. Be well.


Nathan Farrar said...

Awesome! I'm very excited to start reading your blog. I'm a Computer Science student with a strong interest in Security. Thanks for the great resource!

Ernesto said...

Same here, well I'm not exactly a CS student, but I've been always interested in this topic. I've been trying to learn some stuff on my own but I'm slow I guess..
Anyway, I'm looking forward to read your posts.


Mauricio said...

Your blog is simply awesome. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

Sachin said...

hey, this is brilliant! i'm really interested in this kind of stuff, your blog is amazing.
just a few questions:

1) i've researched into using aircrack on windows, but you have to install the appropriate drivers and so on, so that the wireless network card/adapter can be set to the correct mode and so on. is this the case with linux as well? because you havent mentioned anything as such, so i guess it is much easier to use linux than windows?

2) can the hack be used with any network card / adapter? i have a netgear rangemax wpn111 USB adapter, is it possible to use this?

3) to install the linux OS, did you actually just run it from the USB drive? or was it an install to your hard drive?

many thanks for your help, keep up the good work!


calvin said...

Great site.Keep it up I'll make sure I come back.

dirtjumperdh said...

hi first off i wanted to say this is way cool. ive read most of your posts concerning the linux based os and the wireless network hacking. i originally found this while looking for tutorials on installing and using aircrack on windows. that was giving me a bunch of problems and i have expierce with a linux based os called freespire. so this looks like a neat project. i hope it all works with windowns 7 (i noticed xp on the screen shots) and an updated version of backtrack. my ultimate goal is to be able to obtain the wep of a wireless network where i work so i can browse the web while on the very slow night shift thanks for all of this information and i hope to be successful