Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wireless network cards you and I use

Currently I use 2 wireless network cards on my machine. I have a Broadcom 4311 card built in to my laptop. It's a little buggy when it comes to injection, which is one of the things we'll learn about in the next few days. So I went on to Ebay and bought myself a WUSB54G card, which is a USB card, so it's easy in easy out. I actually bought a refurb for $10 + $10 shipping, so it wasn't a major expense. This model works very smoothly for injection, which translates to cracking WEP keys in sbout 2-3 minutes. Both of these cards support linux wireless extensions (whatever that is). My point is that you may have a card that will work with slightly different commands at the initial set up for WEP hacking. I will try to explain how to set it up with atheros based cards, but I am not going to be doing it at the time of writing. Everything else I write is being written as I do it, to make sure I don't skip any steps. I hope my instructions will be correct, but no guarantee.

To see if your card is compatible partially or fully, check out the aircrack documentation page at:

Although there is a version of aircrack for Windows, injection is not officially supported. Although there are cards that can be configured with certain software to enable it, we will not go into it on this blog. If you really hate linux that much, you can google for instructions to try. I think we're ready to start using aircrack in the next post, unless I remember some more preparations. Actually, the next post will use ifconfig and iwconfig.

Gotta get some sleep before the kiddies awaken. Speak to you!!!!


Alex Roman said...

look man for the broadcom 43xx chipset, the injection its posible, and very easy in fact, with a moddified version of slax linux called WiFi Slax 3.1, the modules are already installed and you can load them with visual launchers, it also give you drivers for atheros, intel pro wireless, ralink etc. it also have several wireless tools, very useful, like a mac changer etc. so if you want to know more about it contact me at, its in spanish so if you have a problem with it contact me. ho and the broadcom is not a very good option for wep cracking so if you can buy another wireless card you better do it

Ali Momani said...

MY card is
Inter (R) pro/wireless 3945ABG network connection

does it work cuz i can't find it in the list ??